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Citizens Of The Eu Are Still Not Fully Ready To Commit To The Organisation

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We all have our personal points of view regarding the European Union and we are all open to it in our own specific way. For some a love of European cinema qualifies them as being pro-European, for others it are their many trips to its cities. Although these are good reasons, they are not sufficient in expressing one’s true commitment to this union. And in times like these, it has never been more important to take a stand in this geopolitical debate.

First of all we need to clarify a bit about the history of the European Union, but in order to be complete we would have to go back thousands of years ...view middle of the document...

Bear in mind that, for us Western-minded people these criteria pose no obstacle, but for other (non-Western) countries they can be quite a barrier.

But never mind what criteria a country has to live up to. Never mind the gruelling administrative process of joining. What about the citizens? After all, it is all about them. What could move people who are so vastly different, to unite under one singular entity? Aren’t all people supposed to have their own cultures, their own beliefs, their own laws? Why would they willingly give all that up and be considered as one and the same? Therein lies the true purpose of this essay.

In recent news, Britain was outraged to hear that a Belgian might lead the European Union. But why was this so shocking to them? Isn’t it obvious that he, as part of the union, would be eligible for leadership? Isn’t he too a citizen of the European Union? This recent event has made it increasingly clear that the people might not be as unified as they like to believe. The country might have given up its own right to rule and given it to the supranational organisation, that doesn’t mean that the people have too.

The European Union is not only geographically diverging, but also ethnically and culturally. All citizens have to decide whether they see themselves as for example, Belgian or as a European. A government cannot possibly make this decision for them. It is therefore wise to include the public opinion into the whole entry-process. These twenty-seven nations are filled with individuals who have their own ideas and attitudes. It is unthinkable to expect that they abandon all of this the moment their country becomes part of the EU.

The choice that all people have to make revolves around two notions: equality or diversity. The motto for the European Union might be “United in diversity”, but that doesn’t necessarily make the two concepts reconcilable. For many people it is a choice between global conformity and cultural individuality. Some argue that it is human nature to conform. Others say that simply everyone is an individual because we all stand out in a crowd. And lastly there are those that say that we have our own values and beliefs, but that our behaviour is shaped by circumstance and environment and that this cannot possibly be controlled. We will never know just which side has got it right, but what is more important is that each of them...

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