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Citizenship Key Terms Essay

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GCSE Citizenship Key Words



A group of people who are in close contact and who share common interests and values


A local area within which people live as neighbours, sharing living space and interests

British nationals

Citizens of the United Kingdom

multicultural community

A community made up of people from many different cultural or ethnic backgrounds

cultural diversity

The range of different groups that make up a wider population


Leaving your homeland to live in another country


Moving to another country to live there


A small part of a larger group of people


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Civil law cases are often about rights

county court

A local court that has limited powers in civil cases

criminal law

this deals with offences such as murder and drug dealing. These cases are between the Crown Prosecution Service (acting for all citizens) and the offender

crown court

Courts held in towns in England and Wales where judges hear cases

High Court

The court where judges hear cases on serious crimes


A person who decides questions of law in a court


A group of people who decide if someone is guilty in a court of law

magistrates' court

A court held before two or more public officers dealing with minor crimes

small claims court

A local court, which hears civil cases involving small amounts of money


To make a claim against someone or something


A lawyer who represents and speaks for their clients in court


All the judges in a country

probation officer

Someone who writes court reports on offenders and supervises them in the community


A lawyer who gives legal advice and may speak for their clients in court


Making something less intense or severe


a barrister or solicitor of at least ten years' experience, who acts as a part-time judge in a crown court

representative democracy

A type of democracy where citizens have the right to choose someone to represent them on a council or in Parliament as an MP

school council

A group of people who represent the classes and year groups of the school. It gives students the opportunity to participate in decision-making


A group of people who are elected to look after the affairs of the town, district or county


A published statement of the aims and policies of a political party

political party

An organised group of people with common aims who put up candidates for elections

polling station

A place where votes are cast; often a school, library or village hall


An area that forms a separate part of a local council


The main decision-making body of the council

Chief Executive

An employee of the council, responsible for the smooth running of services


The party with a majority has won a bigger proportion of the votes than others


A member of the council who is selected to be its representative on ceremonial occasions. In some areas they are the elected leader

business rates

A form of tax paid by all businesses in an area. The amount a business pays depends on the rent that could be charged for their premises

council tax

A tax paid by everyone who lives in an area. It is based on the value of their house

Forward Plan

A document that sets out the aims of the council in the long term


A formal record of what has been said at a meeting


A person who investigates complaints against the government or a public organisation

youth council

A group of young people who meet to...

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