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City & Guilds Level 3 Award In Education And Training

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Task A

a) The teaching role and responsibilities in education and training and the teaching / training cycle.

My role as a teacher will be to value all learners individually and equally delivering teaching sessions using lesson plans to create effective and interesting opportunities for the development and progression of all learners. Differentiating between those that may need extra help by providing individual learning plans (ILPs) helps to achieve the same end result for the entire class. I will need to prepare teaching materials, assess learners, evaluate myself and my delivery, complete attendance records and maintain records of learner progress through interviews, tutorials and ...view middle of the document...

In my role as a teacher of professional cookery I would need to identify the range of students in the class in order set the lesson at an appropriate level and prepare appropriate schemes of work. Other types of needs may include “special needs”, are there any studens with visual impariment requiring larger type on handouts.
I may need to watch for Prefered Learning Styles be they:-
Visual: learning by watching video or by demonstration
Auditory: learning through listening to the lecturer or via recordings
Kinesthetic: learning by practical engagement with the task, trial and error.
Are the learners:-
Activists who may want to dive straight into the work too quickly and need to be reigned back slightly
Reflectors who may ponder too much and become sidetracked and take too long,
Theorists who may be too structured in completing a task that may need adaptation along the way thereby not completing through the lack of a certain ingredient.

Pragmatists may get the task completed but miss the theory and / or concept of a task - they may make some mayonnaise but not understand the process of emulsification.

I may also need to question the learners to discover their motivation. Why have they chosen this subject? Perhaps due to family tradition, personal ambition, advice from a third party or they may not know themselves.

Learner needs can also include:
Social: How a learner interacts with others or how they view learning if they have previously had poor experiences of education.
Intellectual: Learners within the group may be at different academic or skill levels.
Culture and Religion: Can affect learner views, values and beliefs. Muslim chefs may not wish to handle pork, Jewish chefs may not wish to touch certain shellfish.
Emotional: Issues such as bereavement, divorce or depression may affect.
Learners may also not want to disclose sensitive information and the teacher must respect their right not to.

Plan and Design

In planning and designing the course or class it is important to ensure that the aims, objectives and outcomes are covered appropriately e.g. the length of time allocated to each stage, the order in which outcomes are planned, new information given out in small pieces, how work will be assessed.
The plan should remain flexible and change if it isn’t working. Also, don’t plan things that are too expensive or not available!


Just do it! Deliver the course at an appropriate level with clear aims and objectives taking account of individual needs. Resources should be well prepared. If you differentiate activities eg. giving brighter more able students stretch and challenge tasks, all learners have an equal chance of success.
Sessions or tasks should have the following elements:
• An introduction (tell them what you are going to tell them about).
• Main content (tell them about it).
• A conclusion (tell them what you just told them). As well as telling them about the task, they can also be advised...

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