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City Of Kelsey Essay

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University of Phoenix
City of Kelsey
Team XYZ
Ethics 316
May 21, 2012
Week 2
Dr. Had Many Jobs

City of Kelsey
The following paper will present a profile of the City of Kelsey, a virtual organization established by M. Kelsey in 1932. Specifically, an in-depth profile of the City of Kelsey will describe the citizens, community, and social responsibilities of both Kelsey’s members and Kelsey as a community.
The residents of Kelsey have roots grounded in a history of agriculture and self-sufficiency with a median age of 32 years and annual per capita income of $17,725 (City of Kelsey, Profile, 2011). Additionally, the residents of Kelsey perform various types of ...view middle of the document...

The city sponsors several outdoor venues, most of which are open year round, like the Kelsey Golf Course and City Park. These events encourage the people to go outdoors and enjoy the company of other citizens. The “Kelsey Historic District” (City Of Kelsey, Community, 2011) offer shoppers from all walks of town life an opportunity to interact by hosting a diverse category of shops. Kelsey has a several schools catering to different levels of education. The school programs give the children of Kelsey a place to socialize with others of the same age. The shops, outdoor recreation, and schools offer every member of the community a place to interact with other members.
Social responsibilities in Kelsey are between the residents and the corporate community to up-hold. The individuals residing in Kelsey share in community responsibilities by promoting the natural resources of the land, and maintaining close-knit relationships. The ultimate responsibilities for citizens of Kelsey are to raise and educate their children to become responsible and positive contributors while...

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