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Civic League Essay

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Civic League

     Helen Sykes, a resident of the Norfolk area, feels that the tight community neighborhood is drastically decreasing. She is among many home owners whom feel this way. In order to restore our community we must work from every angle including those areas that may be less fortunate. Many of the children in this area have no where to go after school therefore they are becoming latch-key children because their parents have to work long hours. We all must work together to better this community not just our specific neighborhood. In order to bring that tight knit community we have to live and work together in harmony. Now many to disagree like John Mitts, ...view middle of the document...

We should be able to go back to the time when everyone would sit on their porches and talk for hours and children would play until their little bodies became to weak. Those were the good times and we can all make them into the great times. All we need is a little team work.
     Many will disagree to restoring the community for various reasons. Some just feel that we should move and let the neighborhood be taken over by the crime and filth of some other areas. Others may feel that they shouldn’t have to fix someone else's neighborhood because they are not getting anything from it. But those people are sadly mistaken. For those who want to bring the property value back up then we must work from the outside in even if tat means helping our less fortunate neighboring communities. It may not be a task that everyone is willing to put on their plate especially with their own careers and problems but that is why we must help. If we don’t do something about this then who will? We can’t rely on everyone else to fix our problems but we must work together and fix our problems.
     I am very...

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