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Civil Liberties And Rights In America

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Civil Liberties and Rights in America

October 2, 2011

Civil Liberties and Rights in America
The right to privacy is a civil liberty every American enjoys. The right to privacy is an important freedom for everyone everywhere not just in certain states. Women in America should have the right to do whatever she feels is best for her. The street law website states, “The fourteenth amendment says not state shall deny to any person with in justification the equal protection of the laws.” Women in America are concerned states having different laws concerning abortion. Women have different reasons for wanting or needing an abortion. Some women may be restrictive to the laws and her ...view middle of the document...

In 2007 a court defends a federal ban on “partial birth” abortions. The case of Gonzales v Carhart stated an abortion in the third trimester of a pregnancy is not “medically indicated.” I personally think a partial abortion should only be done if the life of a woman is in jeopardy. Under any other circumstances the decision to terminate the pregnancy should have been made earlier in the pregnancy.
The Associated Press (2008) addressed if Oklahoma’s law is constitutional or unconstitutional. Oklahoma is involved in a lawsuit with an advocacy group because the law in Oklahoma states a woman cannot receive an abortion until she has an ultrasound and is told what the fetus will look like. The Center for Reproductive Rights believes this infringes on the rights of the woman. The Center for Reproductive Rights also believes laws in Oklahoma could harm the woman and hurts the dignity of the woman. What I have learned from the article is how little freedom and rights American women has concerning her body. If a woman is forced to watch an ultrasound of a fetus the woman wants to abort what freedom or choices does American woman really have?
Many in today’s society have not been supportive of abortions. Some of the strives made in the past five years has been negative. For example, Sulzberger (2011) stated Dr. Mila Means wanted to open an abortion clinic in Wichita Kansas. Dr. Mila Means received a letter in the mail telling her to check under her car every morning. The letter stated, “Because maybe today is the day someone places an explosive under it.” Dr. Mila Means did not back down from opening the abortion clinic in Wichita Kansas. Another strive people and groups have made is not backing down from cowardly threats against abortion centers and Planned Parenthood centers. People and organizations are standing up for their rights and freedoms.
The right to privacy falls under the category of civil liberties. I think the reason the right to privacy falls under the civil liberties because nowhere in the Constitution...

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