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Civil Service Reform Essay

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The sole purpose of this project is to examine whether children behave
Differently, after they have been watching violence on television. In
addition the question that is of paramount importance to this whole
piece of investigative work is:

• Are children more likely to imitate acts of violence or aggressive
behavior because of what they have seen on television?

A continuing debate between Broadcasters and Scientists is permanently
ongoing and in spite of the accumulation of evidence between the links
of viewing television violence and children’s behavior the debate
goes on.

Furthermore, media professionals would rather believe that television
has ...view middle of the document...

This involved searching Internet web
sites, books, newspaper articles, magazines and of course watching a television program on the issue to enable me to gather information on previous research that has already been written on the effects of television violence

Before we move into the discussion of the effects of television
violence and whether or not children imitate what they have seen on
television, it is important to offer a definition of violence. The
following statement gives a clear and concise explanation:
“Violence is a general term to describe actions, usually deliberate,
that cause or intend to cause injury to people, animals, or non-living
objects. Violence is often associated with aggression.”(www//
There has been a considerable amount of research into
inter-relationships between the viewing of violent films, videos and
TV programs and aggressive behavior by the viewers of such
material, in particular the behavior of children.
The range of media to which children have access to has grown rapidly
in this generation. Take the books, newspapers, magazines, films,
radio, tapes, records, and broadcast television familiar to children
of the previous generation, then add dozens of cable TV. channels,
thousands of videos and video games, and millions of Internet sites.
The result is a crowded media frenzy in which children are engrossed
in, on a daily basis.

Therefore we have to ask ourselves, what effects TV violence is having
on our children and does it really inspire them to violence? I am now
going to look at previous research to see if I can find the answers to
my questions.
In 1996 and1997 UNESCO conducted the Global Media Violence Survey.
More than 5,000 12-year-old children in 93 countries participated,
representing all regions of the world.
Under the supervision of Dr. Jo Groebel of Utrecht University, the
study aimed to understand the role of media in the lives of children
and the relationship between media violence and aggressive behavior
among children in different settings.
The study found that 93% of children watch an average of three hours
television a day. This is at least 50% more than the time spent on any
other out-of-school activity, including homework, being with friends,
or reading. This evidence leaves little doubt that television is the
most important medium in the lives of children almost everywhere in
the world today.
In addition the study revealed, television, expose’s children to high
levels of violent images on a daily basis. Furthermore it revealed, in
many countries, there is an average of five to ten aggressive acts per
hour on children’s television programs.
The study found evidence that media images reinforce the experiences
of children in their real-life environments. Almost half (44%) of
both boys and girls reported a strong overlap between what they
perceive as...

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