Civil War Inevitable Essay

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By the end of 1854 the two sections, the North (Union) and the South (Confederacy) had reached an impasse and that Civil War was inevitable sooner or later. The conflicts grew tension between the two, the manufacturing section of the North and the agricultural South, which led to Civil War. Between the North and the South there were economic, social and political differences. The North had a number of goals concerning slavery and the South. The North wanted to abolish slavery, stop the spread of slavery in the western territories, and the spreading of slavery in Kansas. And the immediate reason for the Civil War was to save the union. While the South wanted to continue slavery, spread slavery throughout the western territories, and ...view middle of the document...

The status of slavery in the area was decided to be by popular sovereignty. This act wrecked two compromises The Compromise of 1820, and 1850, and the democratic party. While the act formed a new party: the Republicans.Throughout many compromises, and conflicts one of the large decisions was the Dred Scott decision. Dred Scott, who had lived in Illinois for 5 years with his master, sued his master for his freedom because Illinois was a free state. The decision concluded by the court ruled that because the slave was a property the master could take them in any area. With this decision it delighted the Southerners', while it made the Northerners' angry.As the North and the South became angry at each other and took different sides, one of the main conflicts was the election of 1860. The new Republican Party chose Abraham Lincoln for their candidate, which won for president. Now with Lincoln being the president the south felt very uncomfortable since Lincoln wanted a preserve union and anti-slavery. For this reason South Carolina succeed from the union. As later on more states started succeeding from the Union, where they formed the Confederacy. This outraged the North. Now the North and the South had become two different sections, making the Civil was inevitable.The existence of slavery was the main conflict between the North and the South that led to other conflicts such as the Kansas-Nebraska Act, the Dred Scott decision, and the election of President Abraham Lincoln. The conflicts made the Civil War inevitable to escape. The two sections had two different choices the North wanted to abolish slavery while the South the opposite. But after the South seceded the Civil War started.

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