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Civilization 2 Essay

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History of Civilization I Assignment #1. Please answer ALL the questions below. Questions are based on The Social Dimensions of Western Civilization Volume I. Assignment # 1 is DUE Monday January 27, by 5 p.m. Please submit your paper to me through the assignment feature either as an attachment or type in the assignment space on LEARN. The attachment is on the assignment page. The paper must be grammatically correct, internally cited, double-spaced and turned in on time. It should be 5 pages in length. Please make sure to use internal documentation when necessary. It should sufficiently and thoroughly answer all the questions. Please refrain from using block quotes or excessive quoting. Write in your own words. Tell me what the author ...view middle of the document...

” P. 26
“Slavery in the Ancient Near East” p. 16

1. What purpose did women serve in the ancient Near East? Did they have any rights? If so, what?
2. Why did women have such a low status in Mesopotamia? WHY were men valued? What reasons does the author give?
3. Women were treated better in Egypt than Mesopotamia-how so? What evidence indicates this? Provide examples.
4. What connections or evidence demonstrates that ancient views on women influenced modern western societies? Give support to your answer.
5. Where did slaves come from in the ancient world? How did one become a slave?
6. What type of codes or laws existed to legislate slavery? Give examples.
7. What is the relationship between religion and culture? In other words, how did food define the Hebrews?
8. What did Paradise originally “look” like? What could be eaten and why? Please explain.

Students may number the questions and answer them, or write as separate essays in one paper. All questions and answers are in the pages listed for the readings. A good paper requires critical thinking, meaning students must analyze the information and provide interpretation.
Once you have submitted your paper to LEARN, please go back and check to make sure it attached. DO NOT SEND PAPERS THROUGH or the DISCUSSION feature. Because of the volume of mail I receive there is no record of submissions, and there’s a good chance I’ll miss the paper. Make sure your computer and system is compatible with Blackboard Learn. Papers must be sent as word documents, or typed in the email space. Call the help desk if you have technical problems: 330-672-HELP. If I cannot open your paper then I cannot grade it. It is the students’ responsibility to make sure I receive the submission.

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