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Civilizations Of India Essay

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Ancient Indian Civilization

In 1921, and Indian Archaeologist Dayaram Sahni found some ruins and terracotta seals near village Harappa, then our Indian Government took the steps to excavate the ruins and other archaeological evidences for the Indus Valley Civilizations. Then the archaeologist came to know that where city was buried under the ground and city was excavated. In 1922, another city like Harrapa was unearthed and was known as Mohenjodaro. Mohenjodaro is now situated in Sind, Pakistan. So the excavations of these two cities have led us to know about the following things: - ...view middle of the document...

In the Citadel part of Harappa there are as many as six Granaries. Each of them measures 15.23 m by 6.09 m.

The Great Bath: -
The Great Bath is the remarkable monument in Mohenjodaro, it is 55 feet by 33 feet, and it has galleries all the three sides. We can call it as a bathing tank or a very big swimming pool.

Food: - [pic]
Wheat and Barley, which were grown here, were the staple food. Milk, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits etc. became a part of their diet.
Dress and Ornaments: -
Men wore lose unstitched clothes wrapped around the body. Women wore short skirts and shawl wrapped around their shoulders. Both men and women are fond of ornaments they wore: -
a) Ear-Rings
b) Armlets
c) Bracelets
d) Necklaces
e) Girdles
f) Bangles etc.

Entertainment: - [pic] [pic]
The out door games did not fascinate them. They were fond of playing with toys, dice games. A lot of other things used to play gambling were found at many places.

Trade and Commerce: - [pic]
The people of Mohenjodaro and Harappa were engaged in many trades. The people were farmers, ivory workers, metal workers, potters,...

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