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Cj100 03 Ideal Career Essay

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My Ideal Career Assignment
Kaplan University
What Is Your Ideal Career?

My ideal career goal is to successfully complete all the training and classes I need so I can become a proficient result of protection to our humanity. My desired goal is to become a crime scene investigator so that I cannot only help take crime off the street but feel a sense of gratitude solving cases. I also love teamwork and with that I would love working with others that would be in this profession. By choosing to study criminal justice and not forensics, as I was studying before, I feel will help shape me more towards my future. I am hoping to learn all that I can ...view middle of the document...

But the thing that stuck with me was the smile my uncle had after he came back to his desk from a call. From that moment I was in love with the whole concept of criminal justice. I have always been the one to help others and give my last five dollars in my pocket if it meant anything to help someone else. No matter how much I use to get picked on I would still help everyone wither they hated me or not. Seeing how much I could help others by studying Criminal Justice I couldn’t have choose a better career path. Up until this day, I thank my uncle for taking me to his job.
Not to sound cliché or anything but I would love to work in environment that is shown on Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Everything is ordered, clean, and strict. The people are easy to get along with and are easy to be around. When it is time to work everyone gets together and put jokes aside. That’s the kind of teamwork I admire. I want an environment where I can learn from my peers as well as teach them what I know. The size of the company doesn’t matter. Whither it’s a big or small company, I will still be satisfied. I would love a fast pace and safe environment being that I love to be on my toes and consistently moving. I could see myself working in an office or on a field job as opposed to burger king. At burger king the environment is very hectic, non-friendly, and by the time...

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