Cladestine A Cold War Creative Writing For "After The Bomb"

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How can you make a banana into a compass? The young boy read from the torn paper discreetly thrown to him from his classroom neighbour. Sighing he flipped the piece over to read: Put it on the wall and whichever side has a bite is east. The child snickered softly as his Russian teacher wrote long words of Cyrillic on the gritty blackboard. With each stroke of the chalk a faint ...view middle of the document...

Learning Vectors and Thermodynamics would be completely useless to him in the next four years; when he would be exactly the same as everyone else: Suffering for a government that cared not of its people.
The teacher turned and saw the chuckling student next to Jakob. She stared at Erich through her horn-rimmed spectacles as if offended by the 14 year old boy. Placing down the thick leather-bound textbook the pixie-like woman marched through the perfectly line tables to where he mischievous boys sat, eyes downcast and suppressing laughter.
"Herr Eisenhauer? Herr Roth? Please enlighten me as to what you find so amusing?" She barked in her heavily accented German. Neither students replied; instead water began to leak from the corners of their eyes as their suppressed laughter began to slip from their control. Jakob was the first to compose himself.
"Nothing...Fraulein...Daletski."Jakob whispered Avoiding eye contact with the woman.
Within five minutes Jakob was sitting out side the headmaster’s office, trying to come up with an excuse for his inexcusable behaviour and found he could come up with nothing, so he figured that he would say it’s Erich’s fault. He sat quietly on the wooden bench wondering about his little sister.
After all, Jakob always took the bullet for Erich.

Clara giggled.
The little girl ran after the rose petal she had picked up from the side of the street that was lifted up with the wind and flew away from her. The petal was beautiful, rich in colour and soft in texture, comforting to the girl who would come to learn to appreciate the beauty of natural life instead of the industralised and iron world she had been brought in to.
The petal flew higher and higher and further away from the girl, drifting closer to the limit. Marcus Zaiser stood atop the watch tower and used his trained hawk-like eyes to protect the DDR. Hearing the shuffling footsteps growing louder and louder he called for his Partner.
"Kraus, do you hear that?" Kraus stood up and moved towards where Marcus stood in the tower and scanned the lower ground. The footsteps of a civilian were heard and Kraus lifted his Mosin–Nagant and saw a human head.
Marcus saw the small body step out from the shadow of the wall and saw a small child in a brown coat running after something in the air.
Kraus pulled back the trigger and fired at the young girl.
"Headshot." Said Kraus; going back to the other side of the watch tower to resume his post.
"See kid, that’s how it's done. Just aim and fire." He continued whilst adding a mark to his tally of kills. Marcus stood still, frozen by the inhumanity and the sheer vulgarity of his partner.
"That was a child.” he said to Kraus.
"So? It’s better than facing the Boss" Kraus shrugged, glancing at the child and resumed his occupation. Marcus looked at the body of the fallen child as the petal drifted down to lie in the girl's spilled blood.
A child, innocent and pure like the rose petal...

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