Clara Barton: One Of The Most Respected Figures Of The American Civil War

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Called the “Angel of the Battlefields”, Clara Barton has become one of the most well known and respected figures of the American Civil War and the nursing profession. Clara Barton made her place in history by becoming an unwavering monument to the improvement of women’s role in society and the importance of medical professions. From her contributions during the Civil War, possibly millions of lives have been saved inside and outside the military.
Clara was born December 25, 1821 in Oxford, Massachusetts to Captain Stephen, a respected war veteran, farmer, and politician, and Sarah Stone Barton, a caring mother who taught her how to manage a home and the importance of cleanliness. Being ...view middle of the document...

She also met other famous reformists and rights advocates, including Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony. Clara went on numerous lecture tours, continued her work in the Office of Correspondence and became an active suffragist, but eventually her busy life caught up to her and her doctors recommended a period in rest in Europe. By 1869, after working herself to physical breakdown and exhaustion, she left for Europe and stayed there for the next 4 years.
Upon her return to the United States, Clara almost immediately began to work for the formation of an American branch of the Red Cross, but a large percentage of the public believed the idea of this support group was unneeded since a national outbreak of violence as catastrophic the American Civil War was extremely unlikely, but the Red Cross’s goal was to provide assistance to the victims of any sort of national crisis on any scale, whether it is war, natural disaster, etc. After living in New York, near a spa, to further improve her health Clara moved to Washington D.C. to...

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