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Clash Of Words Essay

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What Christians can do in a world of cultures in conflict?
Foreword by Peter Cotterell and David Burnett

The main topic of this book is “worldview”. What’s “worldview”? It’s not easy to find completed answer. There is a story like that. King of Siam was surprise about story of Dutch ambassador that in winter elephant could walk on river. It’s hard for King of Siam living in the tropics to believe. The King’s worldview could not allow him to accept this. The aim of this book is to help reader will gain a better understanding of his own worldview. This book seems not interesting for me at the first time I read. However, I realized that sometimes I had asked myself such ...view middle of the document...

The secular worldview has result in major scientific develop but it has failed to provide answer to some of the basis question of human life.

In chapter 4 tell about the traditional worldview. I read this chapter very quickly because I live in a traditional worldview. This chapter compares secular and traditional worldview. For example, person‘s soul is external which differ to Western worldview. In traditional worldview community or society is more important than individual desires. I always believe that important decisions are made by the community as a whole and age is important and respect. However, some thought is not up to date such as the viewing time of traditional worldview. It’s said that “time is not value commodity as in the West” As the secular, traditional also have conflict itself. They are isolated from ecological change and contact with other culture.

In chapter 5 tell about God and Gurus - The Hindu worldview. This chapter is more difficult than previous chapters. In think the reason is so straight thought of Hinduism. There are some features of Hinduism. The early system believe based on “Brahman” - indescribable force. Like Christianity, Hinduism has Vedas. Hinduism don’t have founder. The concept of maya - the universal reality - the worlds perceive is no more than iereattion of our minds. Like Buddhism, Hinduism beliefs each person lives as a result of the karma from previous lives. What’s good or ethical action? According to book, good is doing one’s duty and living within the rules of one’s particular caste. Another important point is Hindu influence Western society because of yoga - a posture exercise. This chapter makes me surprise and exciting. Some thought is quite strange for me. But I learn a little about Hinduism.
In chapter 6 “The Buddha and the Dhamma: Theravada Buddhism” The founder is Buddha. He was born at Lumbini in the area that is now called Nepal. His family is member of Sakya clan. On the fifth of his birth an astrologer came to and indicated that the child would grow up the enlightened-one. His father wanted him to be a great ruler so he lives in luxury life. But one day he went out for hunting. He realized the world so suffering; Therefore, he left his family and learn yoga and the art of meditation and became Buddha. There some basic of Buddha teaching. First, no one would deny that suffering is part of life: birth, old age, sickness, death, separation from loves one, etc. Second, the Buddhism realized that sooner or later times of happiness always come to an end. Third, all beings is part of birth-rebirth.
In chapter 7 “Ancestors and almanacs: The Chinese Worldview”. The first part of this chapter tells about history of China. The rest, tell about Chinese worldview themes - The cosmos, the self, knowing, community, time, value. I am familiar with Chinese worldview themes because Vietnam near by China.
In chapter 8 “Muhammad and the Message: The Islamic Worldview” The last prophet of Islam...

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