Class 3 Week 2 Paper

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My beliefs, Values, and Clinical Gestalt with Individual’s and Systems’ Paper:

The human services field requires empathy for the client, attending and listening skills, and most of all they must receive highly specialized education to teach clinicians how to become more effective helpers (Murphy & Dillon, 2003). The clinician brings special knowledge of human behavior, psychological theory, systems theory, and communication skills. A clinician’s role also requires them to have set boundaries established since they are in a unique relationship. The set boundaries established involves use of self; attending of self; and listening intently (Cousins, 1996).
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It took me years of rebellion and living a carefree life to understand that those family values and beliefs were finally being absorbed into a cranium that was then comprised of some type of thick cement substance.
Through my life’s search of personal fulfillment and purpose I have often felt empathy for people that had so many personal issues that question the answer was viewed as being obstinate rather than be explained and understood. I often viewed the clinical profession of one that only stood to judge, scorn, and label a person and that their false assumptions and case studies were unfairly used to categorize a complex and angry client, such as victims of domestic violence. I often viewed those individuals that chose to remain pitiful victims as some type of putrefied organic matter that could not be treated and that they could return to nature as part of a balanced, societal network that can be a positive contribution to society.
I have began to fully understand that there are so many victims that struggle daily to become survivors and it is only possible through a network of governmental, community, and religious effort that this is possible. There are so many individuals that have overcome obstacles and have become functional members of society. It is also these individuals that see a need to properly treat and offer assistance to the less fortunate, whether it is victims of poverty, abuse, or mental illness. I have fought hard to overcome my resistance to working with women of domestic abuse who continue to return to their abusers who offer them nothing but broken promises only to return to therapy with more of the same pains, scars, and emotional baggage. I have begun to work on my patience and perseverance with the client so as not to have the victim feel like I have given up on her. My unspoken body language says a lot to the client that I am either too bored or tired of her continued involvement or that I need to direct my attention to the client through focused eye contact and a less frigid or...

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