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Class Pass Essay

992 words - 4 pages

Chapter: 40 Book title: ebook
Title of the story :The angel of the Odd
writer: Edgar allan poe
main characters : P= The Angel of the Odd A=narrator
Mood/A= Mood The tone in The Angel of the Odd would be sad, anxious, and a little funny. 
Nature conflict: The nature of the epic precludes its achieving either unity of conception.
main theme: heavy accent
setting: A bar in the narrator's hallucination
story ending: . So he tries to commit suicide a couple of times until the Angel of Odd shows up. At the end the narrator does wake up but in a rather unusual spot.
moral lesson: never bet the devil your head
1.contretemps: An inopportune or embarrassing occurrence or situation.
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The narrator just had a marvelous dinner with a couple of bottles of wine, spirit and liqueur. He confesses he is a little drunk but he’s aware of his actions. He looks upon newspapers columns called “Houses to let” and the column of “Dogs lost” and then the columns of “wives and apprentices runaway”.

Title of the story: A descent into the maelstrom
Setting: In the tale, a man recounts how he survived a shipwreck and a whirlpool.
Main Characters: P= narrator A=narrator
Mood/Atmosphere: WE had now reached the summit of the loftiest crag. For some minutes the old man seemed too much exhausted to speak.
Nature of conflict: The ways of God in Nature, as in Providence, are not as our ways; nor are the models that we frame
Main theme: Man vs Nature
Story ending: The narrator manages to escape death through the use of "science"
Moral lesson: His works, which have a depth in them greater than the well of Democritus
1. Scarce: deficient in quantity or number compared with the demand
scarce arrived before she would have found some excuse.
2. Render: give an interpretation or rendition
An illness might render you unable to walk
3. Yeild: mean the rate of return on an investment.
Mary was forced to yield to the children on her way to the brownie plate.
4.Exert: gets its meaning of physical force
when you exert yourself in a workout,
5.Heed: is with warnings.
Take heed of my instructions
6. Pious: means dutiful
Don't become a priest if you're not prepared to live a pious life.
7. Satire: intended to be taken seriously
Satire is a way of making fun of people by using silly or exaggerated language.
8.Rebuke: meaning to sternly reprimand or scold
That changed Wednesday into a blunt rebuke of one of America's closest allies.
9. Admonish: intensity depending generally on who is being corrected
He admonished the child for his bad behavior”
10. Tout: means to praise
“This product was touted...

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