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Classical Argument Essay

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The Edge
In a society that praises the best of the best. The strongest, fastest, and beautiful seem to make it to the top first. Everyone wants that edge over the next man to be better. That’s were the very hot topic of steroid use has come into play. Almost every sport on TV today has some sort of steroid scandal that is being thrown up. But in a world were competitiveness is rewarded and the best are the richest and most loved brings up ideas of doing whatever it takes to get there.
Many believe steroids are a form of cheating in sports but the majority of players who are taking them only do it to survive in the sport. It’s pretty obvious that it makes for more excitement when a three hundred pound guy full of muscle can do flips off turnbuckles or knock baseballs out of ...view middle of the document...

Consider for instance that every football player lifts weights. Those who do not are significantly weaker, therefore at a competitive disadvantage. He says prohibiting steroids and other performance enhancing substances is inherently unfair. Just as there will always be those who take these substances, there will also be those who do not for fear of being caught. This gives the rule-breakers a distinct advantage. Those who still opt out of synthetic hormones can still do so - and may just find better options for everybody else.
That leads us to the other side of this dilemma and those who don’t believe steroids should be used. I can also see there point of view of it being a form of cheating. Also the issue of health issues in the long term. A player for the Atlanta Braves who strongly disagrees with steroid use had this to say. My idea of a professional sportsman is a man or woman with a natural ability in the sporting arena. They gain their titles and medals on merit, because they have trained hard and risen to the top. Once you start allowing athletes to take steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, there is no longer a fair playing field( Time Magazine). This is a statement that many would agree with.
No matter which side you take in this issue it’s hard to say whose right or wrong. You have the ones who say it’s a form of cheating when you’re not natural and then there are the ones who believe in enhancements to succeed. But in a society that condones team doctors injecting injured players with cortisone and other pain numbing potions, which are far from natural, one needs to look at the greater question of ''At what price is victory?

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