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Classroom Management Essay

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1. Situation:! Beginning of the Day! Routine:! Turning in homework! a.! Enter the room politely and quietly.! b.! Hang up jacket, coat, or hat (if wearing them) in locker.! c.! Remove homework folder and agenda book from backpack.! d.! Place backpack in locker.! e.! Place homework folder in homework basket.! f.! Sit down at your own desk. ! g.! Sit quietly and listen during any morning announcements.! h.! View “Do Now” activity instructions on board. (items will vary) ! i.! Quietly work until class begins. !


2. Situation:! End of the Day! Routine:! Preparing to leave! a. When instructed to start, clean up your desk and surrounding area.! b. When your group is called get everything ...view middle of the document...


! ! ! ! ! !


b.! After using the restroom, each student will line up politely and quietly with their ! preassigned “buddy for the day.”! c.! The students will be introduced to any and all parent volunteers that will be ! assisting with the field trip.! d.! While on the field trip the students must remain with the entire group, but also ! with their assigned “buddy for the day.”! e.! During the transportation to the field trip location, each student must remain ! seated with their buddy and polite and quiet for the bus driver.! f.! Each student will “Thank” the staff of the field trip location and parent volunteers ! before loading back on the bus. (Assuming parent volunteer does not ride bus ! with students.)!

6. Situation: Recess (Assumed outside recess, no jackets required)! Routine: ! Fun with Friends! a.! When instructed, line up at the door in a polite and quiet fashion.! b.! Follow the teacher in hallway etiquette by maintaining polite, quiet and in a nicely ! formed line. ! c.! When outside, each student is expected to follow the school’s pre discussed ! ! playground rules.! d.! If an organized game is played, each student must adhere to the rules of the ! ! game.! e.! While outside when you hear the whistle or bell line up at the designated area in ! ! a quick and polite manner. ! f.! Remain in line and resume hallway etiquette during transition to restroom and ! ! drink break. ! g.! Politely and quietly reform line and proceed back the the classroom.!


7. Situation: Fire or Disaster Drills (Assumed Fire Drill)! Routine:! Let’s all be safe! a.! Immediately stop everything and quietly focus on the teacher for instructions.! b.! After receiving appropriate instructions, politely, quietly, and quickly line up in ! ! numbered order at designated spot.! c.! Once in line the students will be lead by the teacher on the appropriate ! ! ! evacuation path to the proper designated “safe” location.! d. While in the “safe” area, the students will remain quiet while the teacher accounts ! for each student in attendance that day.! e.! The students will continue to remain quiet and in numbered order while waiting ! ! for the administrators to inform everyone it is safe to return to class.! f.! After the safe to return signal or announcement is given the students will remain ! ! in numbered order while politely and quietly return to class.! g.! Once back in class the students are expected to return to their previous work ! ! area and await further instruction or potential critique on the fire drill.!


! Creating and following routines develops a sense of order within a classroom that is necessary to promote student’s development of learning skills and organization. While some of the above routines are highlighted for lower grade levels, the structure

can be utilized for most grade levels to help cultivate smooth transitions while promoting independence. ! ! As a teacher in at any grade level, it is vital the beginning of the...

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