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Management Plan


You are expected to be at all rehearsals and all events. During band camp, attendance is extremely important because you will miss that day’s new material, and may have to be written out of the show. It is very difficult for new members to make up what they have missed. Any conflicts should be handled IMMEDIATELY!


Since the band functions as a single unit and not a group of individuals, Band performances are diminished by even a single absence. Hence, you will be at ALL band rehearsals and performances. It is the responsibility of the student to notify one of the Directors IN ADVANCE with a note or a phone call from the parent or guardian. Each request will be evaluated individually.

Forged Excuses will be referred to the Principal’s office for disciplinary action.

Unexcused absences from ...view middle of the document...

Otherwise, students will ride the bus. Driving yourself, traveling with a friend, non-immediate family member, boyfriend, girlfriend, or neighbor is unacceptable. When in doubt, ask a Director.

Other Guidelines To Note:

1.     Bus conduct will be exemplary at all times. The bus driver’s instructions must be followed.
2.     Only personal radios, tape, or CD players with headphones will be allowed. You must be seated at all times. Do not kneel or stand on the seats.
3.     Wear the correct designated clothing under your uniform.
4.     The buses will be kept clean. All riders are responsible and no one may leave until it is clean.

Uniform Care and Maintenance:

Band uniforms typically cost $350 to replace. You are expected to return the uniform in the same condition it was issued. Replace all parts of the uniform neatly into the garment bag.

In the Stands:

1.     No one will play their instruments unless instructed to do so.
2.     Everyone will have their own music lyre with them.
3.     Recently graduated band members may not distract, socialize, or sit with the band or color guard unless permitted by the band staff.
4.     Even though it is stands music, you will perform with the highest musical standards.
5.     No one may the leave the stands without permission from the Directors.
6.     Failure to return promptly from break will in having your break taken away for the following game.

Instrument Care:

The band performs at the highest level of musicianship, technical achievement and intonation. For this to work, all instruments must be of good quality and in good condition. All dents, warped reeds, rotted pads, etc… will have a detrimental effect on performance quality. Guard equipment must be repaired on a regular basis.

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