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Cleanliness And Comfortness Effects On Students

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Nowadays, the problem about the cleanroom in the class has been rising gradually. This makes the students facing many of trouble when they want to learn in the class. They were sacrifices to the smell in the class because of the rubbish whether it is in wet condition or dry condition. Other than that, the student cannot focus because of this many kind of disruptions. (
The cleanroom can be defined as an environment, typically used in manufacturing or scientific research that has a low level of environmental pollutants such as dirt, airborne microbes, chemical vapors, and aerosol particles. More precisely, a ...view middle of the document...

There are rubbish everywhere, table not in arrangement, class smelly causing student cannot focus and feels lazy in the class. This condition will make all the students cannot used the class comfortably when they are learned a lesson from their lecturer. And of course, the percent of concentrated were not be satisfied as they want. This is happen because many of disruptions. For instances, the table and chair were not in their position, the rubbish is throwing everywhere, and the uneasy smell in the class maybe because of the rubbish’s residual. In addition, this kind of thing maybe will make the student feels lazy in the class.

This study focuses on the classroom. The classroom can be in two conditions whether it is clean or dirty. After that, I have focus on the student in KPTMKL. Students need a conducive class to keep focusing in the class and then can achieve good performance in studies. This study aims to prove the direct relationship of the two variables given. In my study, the person that are involved with this my research is student in KPTMKL. There are about 5000 students in KPTMKL. From the total of number of student in KPTMKL, there are 657 of degree’s student. We can say that, almost every day they using the classroom whether it is from degree’s students and diploma students; but I have target to find about 100 respondents in my study to degree’s student.
1.4.1 To investigate the effect of condition of the class to the student’s achievement in studies. I have investigated the student’s achievement in studies affected by class condition. In this way, I can measure the percentage of student that is comfortable with the condition.
1.4.2 To suggest the solution to make sure student’s always aware to the cleanliness of the class. I have suggested the solution of student’s awareness on the classroom condition. I can list many of solution to guide student, so that they were aware with the cleanliness of the class.
1.4.3 To experiment whether the conducive class relevant/related to improve student’s performance. I have experimented the conducive class whether it is related or relevant with the improvement of the student performance. So that, the class will always be on clean condition.

1.5.1 How the condition of the class affected the student’s achievement in studies?
1.5.2 What kind of solution should student do to make sure their class is always clean?
1.5.3 Does the conducive class relevant/related to improve student’s performance?

My target user is students in KPTMKL. I have focusing to degree’s student to be my respondents. This is because they are facing this problem every day during the class session. For instances, when they are in the class, there are lots rubbish, of course will make them feel uneasy with the condition of the class.

The study limits the...

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