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Client Care And Communication In Beauty Related Industries

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Assignment 203 Client care and communication in beauty related industries Task 1

State the importance of

1. Using effective communication to identify client needs and expectations
2. Providing the client with clear advice and recommendations
3. Client confidentiality in line with the Data Protection Act
4. Communication techniques when supporting retail opportunities
5. Client feedback and responding constructively

• Describe the term “personal space”
• State how to refer and assist with client complaints.

State the importance of using effective communication to identify client needs and expectations

It is very important to identify ...view middle of the document...

Also give clients individual attention and respect no matter what is their colour, age, religion, race or faith, so they feel special. Promote yourself and gain the client’s trust in your professionalism and technical expertise.

Each client has a different personality and need different types of services approach. Develop a professional relationship with the client and established the client’s requirements and promote services. Ask them open questions which will allows you to find out information you need to know and then learn more to make a decision.

Non-Verbal communication:

A client can be made feel to frightened, uncomfortable or mistreated. This can happen even without you saying anything to them. As you communicate with your eyes, face, body, transmitting some of your feelings and it’s called non-verbal communication. How you look and you behave in front of your clients is vital. Try to make client feel at ease by using body language such as making eye contact, greet them with a smile and a happy outlook.

Telephone communication:

When client call you give them your name and tell your salon name, so they would know who you are and which salon from. Some time when a client call they may ask you questions about their treatment as they are not sure about their treatment. This way you can give consultation via the telephone about the treatment. Make sure you or your staffs’ answers the phone quickly as callers are the potential customers. Writing material should be kept ready near the phone in case you need to take their details and call them back. Speak clearly and professionally, sound interested and do not interrupt.

State the importance of providing the client with clear advice and recommendations

A successful consultation process allows the therapist to analyse or diagnose a precise assessment of the client needs.

It is essential to ask the client a series of questions before the treatment plan or product can be finalize. You can ask them open question such as what, when where etc. The consultation should be carried out in a private area to maintain client confidentiality and protect their personal data, which should be recorded into the client record card. Also make sure that client feels comfortable at all times, as well as that there is enough space between yourself and them especially when it is a new client. If client feels uncomfortable they may feel you have invaded their personal space.

You can also asses a client for a treatment when they come in and many checks can be made via visual and observation techniques. In this way you can advise the client which treatment are beneficial to them to meet their requirements.

For example if they have dry hands and cuticles, and the client does not want nail enrichment but want to improve skin and nails. The therapist would ask open questions, that why their skin is so dry and what products have they been using at home. So by touching and looking...

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