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The range of problems that clients face every day are endless. These problems can range from the physical, emotional, mental, financial, or social. When it comes to helping clients there are many helping skills that can be useful in the process. Skills that are used would be client perspective of situations, embarrassment, reluctance to admit, perceptions of helpers, cultural factors, cost of services, transportation, time, and fear. Using helping skills are crucial in the helping process.
The client’s perspective of the situation is very important in the helping process. Many clients may lack resources, skills, or even both to solve their problems. Clients and helpers may disagree about client’s situations. Clients that recognize the existence of problems are not guaranteed to ...view middle of the document...

This requires individuals to talk about personal matters with someone unknown to them. A “stranger” evokes distrust and suspicion in our society. Fears of the stranger and expert are another barrier that prevents individuals from seeking help. Sometimes cultural factors prohibits seeking help. In some ethnic groups there are strong prohibitions against sharing problems with people outside the family. In many cultures the help that is offered is not the help that is needed. In African American culture, religion and spirituality is an important source of help. Seeking help could mean embarrassment for the entire family.
Many clients may be willing to seek professional help but do not have money to pay, transportation to get there, or the time. Providing services to poorer clients could be the ultimate solution to this problems. Psychological costs of seeking help is also a serious barrier. Clients view help as effecting immediate loss of their freedom. Others may fear that helpers will demand changes in lifestyles, behaviors, and work habits.
Today’s standard of care is good even with the challenges we face. It can however be better and will continue to get better as time goes on. The lives that are helped every day makes sure there is a continuation of the bettering of the standard of care that is given. Still though, care providers are not able to give care to those that do not seek it or that are unable to. This will be one of the ultimate hurdles that must be crossed over if the standard of care is to ever improve. Leaving behind an entire part of the community is not something that anyone wants to have happen and it is improving and will continue to improve as time goes on. Because even with all the problems that they face, today’s clients are much more sophisticated in the area of satisfaction and will continue to be.

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