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Climate Change Essay

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Air in its pristine state, all of us cannot see it, smell it, taste it, feel it, or hear it, with the exception whenever the wind blows or clouds form. Nevertheless, it's complex and dynamic combination of gases is required for life. Therefore, no human being owns the air; it is available for all to make use of, and its endless usage contributes to air pollution. However, it's complex and dynamic combination of gases is required for life. Currently, there are two unique types of air pollution primary and secondary. The primary side is sulfur dioxide. This gas is produced when sulfur is subjected to oxygen at substantial temperatures. This takes place during fossil-fuel incineration at ...view middle of the document...

75). The major environmental negative effects of acid rain damage to vegetation, particularly forest resources, for example, evergreen trees in Canada and red spruce trees in W. Virginia. The soil fertility is sometimes diminished, either mainly because nutrients are leached away from the acid or because the acid produces hazardous substances into the soil. This is actually the main effect acid rain has on vegetation.
There are major long-term health problems when humans are exposed to elevated amounts of sulfur dioxide can be life threatening or may result in prolonged respiratory disorders, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and may also cause destruction to the brain, nervous system, liver, or kidneys. Animals exposed to significant levels of sulfur dioxide presented decrease respiration, inflammation of the respiratory tracts and the destruction of some portions of the lung. Human contact to elevated amounts of sulfur dioxide can be life threatening. “Direct exposure to 100 parts of sulfur dioxide per million parts of air (100 ppm) is regarded immediately dangerous to life and well-being (USHHS), 1999, p. 1).
Acid rainfall brings about severe destruction to vegetation, land, streams, and lakes. Regions of North America, northeastern United States, and eastern Canada are especially vulnerable because of lean soils and granitic bedrock, which in turn are unable to nullify acidity. Deposition of acid liquefies toxic metals, particularly aluminum in soil deposits, which has been poisonous to vegetation and animals. Acid rain escalates the leaching of nutrients from plant soils that deteriorate vegetation and reduce their capability to resist traumas such as, droughts, smog, or bug infestations. A 2007 study by Nicolas Muller and Robert Mendelsohn estimated the total damage costs associated with emissions of some air pollutants (particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulphur dioxide, volatile organic compounds) in the US at between US$71 billion and $277 billion yearly (0.7-2.8% of GDP). Premature deaths associated with these air pollutants correspond to 71% of global annual damages. In the case of China, the estimated health costs of air pollution are even higher, representing about 3.8% of that country’s GDP, says the World Bank (Muller & Mendelsohn, 2007, para. 1).
Most individuals take the water system for granted. They are usually satisfied as long as a supply of suitable water supply is available; they consider water as an affordable and endless resource. Unfortunately, water supplies attainable in this country are no longer unlimited. In many regions of the country, water supplies are endangered by toxic contamination, and future water resources are uncertain. Possibly, the greatest severe environmental issue for billions of individuals on the planet is the uninterrupted or sporadic absence or unavailability of a pollution- and disease-free water supply for personal consumption. Water pollution is usually...

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