Climate Denial Essay

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In Climate Denial

Secretively, several large oil companies are blocking climate policies to stop the development of clean energy. Greenpeace organization has step forward fearless of these large wealthy oil companies calling them out on there poisoning of the eco system. Greenpeace holds these companies accountable with a project named Polluter Watch. Polluter Watch holds polluters, their lobbyist, and politicians who work for them accountable for poisoning the climate debate, and jamming needed environmental regulations.

In Polluter Watch’s most recent and consistent prey is Koch Industries. Billionaire David Koch is a right wing philanthropist. David Koch has funded the Cato ...view middle of the document...

Our wildfires are at there highest rates in history.

The most recent catastrophe in San Bruno California where a natural gas line exploded killing seven people and leaving many people homeless. Nearly three million people in America live near the coastline leaving them especially venerable to extreme weather.

There must be justice for the actions of these out of control companies. I believe that a panel of none bias professionals should be appointed to watch over these companies collision on the environment. The government needs to take more control of monitoring these companies. The current panel Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change is simply a panel of expert’s worldwide observing and recording the earth’s destruction. The United States Environmental Protection Agency is the only agency that we have in our defense. They are the only watchdogs we have. After reviewing the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s 2010 Semiannual Regulatory Agenda, I found that there are hundreds of small issues receiving much focus. The big companies seem...

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