Cloning Is Unethical Essay

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In recent years our world has undergone many changes and advancements, cloning is a primary example of this new modernism. On July 5th, 1995, Dolly, the first cloned animal, was created. She was cloned from a six-year-old sheep, making her cells genetically six years old at her creation. However, scientists were amazed to see Dolly live for another six years, until she died early 2005 from a common lung disease found in sheep. This discovery sparked a curiosity for cloning all over the world, however, mankind must answer a question, should cloning be allowed? To answer this question some issues need to be explored. Is cloning morally correct, is it a reliable way to produce life, and should ...view middle of the document...

This information does, in fact, question the moral of the issue. If cloning is unsafe and harmful, what is the point?
Another argument pertains to the reliability of cloning. Cloning experts have claimed it is, in fact, an effective procedure. Scientists have admitted it is risky, but also have argued that with time, and more experimentation, cloning will become extremely reliable and effective. However, facts are not as supportive towards this claim as scientists may want. Currently only 3 out of 71 cloning eggs have lived, and only 1 out of 278 fully developed clones have survived from those eggs. The percentage of creating a fully functional clone from a living cloned egg is less than 1%, not to mention that 30% to 50% of those living clones are created with genetic mutations that are harmful to the clone?s health and in many instances, are fatal. Some argue it is worth the effort and the consequences. To support this claim, most scientists who produce faulty clones claim that they die before they are even technically alive. However, this claim is heavily debated. Overall, cloning is lacking the data to support it effectiveness and it remains a risky procedure.
Another debated issue within cloning is human experimentation. Since the effectiveness rate of cloning is so low it has not yet been preformed. Given that cloning experts have no problem taking an animal?s life into their hands, they must ask themselves if is it safe to do the...

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