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Cloning is a shaky subject to most individuals. Most people don't know enough about cloning to have a say so in the war against "legal cloning" or doing
anything with cloning. Although some people may have negative reasons for cloning animals and or human beings, some people are researching day by day in order to supply the world with an amazing tool to help feed the world and help it in any way imaginable by cloning. In this essay, I will discuss the positive and negative effects of cloning and also the steps to clone an animal or person. I will also state many more important aspects of cloning and the effect of it on the world.

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Besides twins there are ways to clone life forms. The simplest way to make cloning is to make twins manually. And you know twins have the same DNA and are therefore clones. By separating embryo inside the mothers' womb you can successfully make perfectly identical twins. It is also possible to make triplets, quadruplets, and many more the same way. The only drawback to this is, if you make more than quadruplets, the newborns will not grow properly and will probably die. This technology has been used for years on the stock breeding business believe it or not.

Another way to clone is by nuclear transplantation. In this method you take out a cell from either a part of the body or a fertilized egg. Then, you take the cell and put it into an unfertilized ovum. This technology is separated into two kinds depending on where the cell comes from. There are the two ways.

The first methods of nuclear transplantation is taking the cell from a fertilized ovum when the cell starts to split, you take out the cell and replace it into another unfertilized ovum. Then, you put that ovum into another female's stomach. All the newborn babies will have the exact same DNA as each other and their father, and they will be clones.

The other method of nuclear transplantation is done by taking a sample cell from part of the body that you want to copy from. (You can take the sample cell from parts like the ear or the skin.) The rest of the procedure is the same s the procedure using the cell from a fertilized ovum.

The cloning of animals has been going for decades to a surprise. Most people do not even know that cloning existed over 10 years. Much to a surprise, the first clone was successfully completed in 1952. This process was completed by Oxford University Professor J.B. Gardon. The animal was a frog. The first clone mammal was not successfully cloned until a mouse in 1981. It wasn't until the year 1984 where the first clone livestock was created. This was a tremendous discovery which opened the minds of all scientists which also rose the question "could cloned animals be eaten?"

Although it has never been sold on a market, scientists say that cloned food should be exactly the same as non cloned food due to the simple fact it is a real animal. It also has the same DNA patterns as non cloned animals. You could never tell the difference.

Another purpose of livestock omen on cloning is the high grade of meat. For example, all you need is one high grade cow to replenish a whole herd of high grade cows. One high grade cow can be cloned into many different calves therefore creating an abundance of high grade animals. This could completely change the livestock business.

There are many reasons a person could argue the fact that humans should be cloned. It could actually benefit mankind and help to save lives. One point to argue is that cloning could help cure infertility. Infertility can cause incompleteness in the home for both men and women....

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