Close Reading Assignment: "Samuel Hearne In Wintertime"

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"Samuel Hearne in Wintertime" is a poetic documentary of the undeclared mayhem of Canada's past. Newlove uses Samuel Hearne, a figure from the past, to capture the past in a true and genuine state. This poem expresses ideas of truth, loss, isolation, feelings of defeat, and internal conflict. Throughout the entire piece, the author is deromanticizing, demythologizing and debunking both Samuel Hearne and early northern exploration.The clipped terse epigram, clipped syntax, the style of language, and fragmentation throughout the poem are free of imagery for the most part. The simplicity of the division of ideas and words gives a feeling of frustration and mixed feelings which in turn alludes ...view middle of the document...

Newlove sees his own sick offspring as a concrete, tangible expression of the sick native children that surrounded Hearne. The author is now empathizing and sympathizing with his subject. "Puffy Children" and "vomit stirring in grey blankets" indicates that Hearne was not alone in his suffering. It also makes reference to the small pox epidemic which killed many of the natives."It is Christmastime-the cold flesh shines" , gives a sense of reality. It is supposed to be a time of joy but death and despair looms. The repetition of "cold" throughout the poem is used deliberately to illustrate the contrast between European (British) convention and expectations and the truth of North American exploration, landscape and life. The intentional overuse of the term could also be another approach for the author to convey the feelings of distance, indifference, detachment, and loneliness.In the same section Newlove writes "No praise in merely enduring" . This draws attention to the fact that in reality, the Europeans refused to take responsibility for what they did to the people of the land- infecting them with disease and mythology- pushing their beliefs and practices upon them. It also makes reference to the certainty that Samuel Hearne had "just" survived at points in his journey, and he had depended upon the Indians for this survival. Because Hearne can be seen as a heroic figure, one might say that the author was speaking directly to him, if he could; making sure that Hearne knew and comprehended the fact that he did not accomplish anything on his own.The third section of this takes on a more positive tone. At this point Newlove is a refined lyricist. It almost appears that the land is more important than the explorer. Perhaps it is not Hearne exploring the land, but the land exploring Hearne, and he exploring himself."The...

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