Close Reading Of A Poem Essay

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Close Reading of a Poem
“Child of the Americas” by Aurora Levins Morales
Faten Algazzali
November 23, 2015
Angela Mullennix
Close Reading of a Poem
In the poem “Child of the Americas” the author Aurora Levins Morales tackles the concept of diversity and the struggle of finding your identity in the melting pot that is America, a country made up of many cultures, ethnicities, and traditions . This is a conflict that many children of immigrants face after leaving their homeland and trying to acclimate to this new world. As a child of immigrants myself I can very much relate to Ms. Morales's grapple. The author uses key literary conventions and poetic ...view middle of the document...

S. Puerto Rican Jew, a product of the ghettos of New York I have never known"(Barnet, Burto, & Cain, P 1136). Although she has never been to the "ghettos of New York" she knows that most Puerto Ricans reside there and people will associate her with that area and those people just because of her heritage. Her family has been migrating as far as she can remember yet growing up in the United States she has learned the language and uses it passionately and has made it her career as an author, "I speak English with passion; it's the tongue of my consciousness… my tool, my craft"(Barnet, Burto, & Cain, P 1136). English has become her main form of communication and a way for her to develop relationships with others and form bonds with people she might never have been able to if she only spoke Spanish. While this is her new home and her new language she uses imagery and symbolism to refer back to her upbringing and her roots; "I am Caribeña, island grown. Spanish is in my flesh, ripples from my tongue, lodges in my hips... "(Barnet, Burto, & Cain, P 1136). One can imagine her tongue “rippling” as she speaks her native language; rolling her R’s and shaking her hips to her home country’s music which is known for its salsa dancing and Caribbean beats.
Next she uses metaphors to portray all the different cultures she identifies with yet does not exactly fit with any one of them in particular. "I am not...

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