Closing Case Study Of Who Makes The Apple Iphone With Answers

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A collection of real things for instructional use refers to objects. A specimen is a sample of the real object or a material.
Using objects and specimens:
While using the specimen and objects as teaching aids, a teacher must keep the following points in her mind.
* Plan your teaching with certain simple and direct observations of the object or specimen being referred to.
* Ask questions from the students to elicit more details of the features of the object or specimen under observation.
* Clarify and emphasize important structural details of the object or specimen under observation
* Provide review and ...view middle of the document...

* Students when collect and display objects and specimens derive satisfaction of contributing to the school and teacher something worthwhile.
* Student’s power of observation and first hand experiences is enhanced by collection of objects and specimens.
* Student’s personal collection of objects and specimens can be good source of doing investigatory projects.
* Collection of objects and specimens become an interesting educational pursuit of the teacher and students alike.
* It arouse some interest among students in learning
* Objects and specimens involve all the five senses in the process of learning
* It heighten the reality in the class room
* It makes teaching lively.
* The time is usually short so must be used as a part of a class. Usually as an introduction or an illustration or conclusion.
* Thinking of object lessons is very hard for many people. Keep your mind open to possible object lessons in your everyday life.
* Objects may obscure the truth rather than clarify and simplify.
* Small objects do not...

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