Cloud Computing Effects On Helpdesk Essay

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Cloud computing effects on IT helpdesk

Cloud computing has had a sweeping impact on the technological infrastructure in nearly every conceivable aspect. From home computing, to huge global corporations, Clouds have become not only a benefit, but a standard in today’s world. Services such as data hosting, application access, branch caching, SaaS, security and maintenance, and more every day thanks to the relative ease with which anyone can access development resources.
There is no question that cloud services are gaining momentum in many sectors. One of the interesting aspects of the uptake in cloud services is the number of small organizations that are moving to cloud services. ...view middle of the document...

The emergence of cloud computing, driven by the advent of virtualization, provides the technology foundation needed for IT-as-a-Service. The full promise of IT that is aligned with user needs and consumption patterns can be delivered through a highly automated virtual infrastructure, using multi-tenancy capabilities to create the needed `back-end platform. Like other major IT transformations, such as the transition from mainframe to minicomputers to PCs, or to networked/distributed computing, cloud computing will require an evolution of technology, as well as an evolution of skills and organizational structure. Without organizational change and the acquisition of new skills and knowledge, a successful transition to cloud computing will be impossible.
Keeping clients informed of any changes to service is a key aspect of any support role. Should an unexpected change in service occur, it is vital that the client be informed as quickly as possible regarding suspected down time, as well as possible impacts to clients infrastructure. This could be achieved by a number of means, though personally I believe the most efficient is to have an offsite monitoring client scripted to send a notification regarding changes in status to users. Proactive, appropriate communication with the users is often the most powerful tool in preventing problems. For example, if the IT department schedules downtime, users should always be informed of the date and time, estimated length of the outage, and exactly what services will be unavailable.
Remote services can be consumed by software that runs on-premises, in an organization's data center or on a user's machine, which may be a desktop computer or any other Internet-enabled device. This typically involves a mix of technologies and...

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