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Club It: A Great Place For People

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Club IT, Part 3

Club IT is a great place for people to go to have fun and relax. Club IT consists of a devoted and caring staff that await the needs of their customers. They offer a wide variety of music, food and a very nice atmosphere so you can unwind after a hard day at work. The entire club has been remodeled to make it more appealing to their customers. In order for them to keep growing and potentially open another club they will need to change their Information Technology. The first thing that will need to change is that they need to implement a point of sale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This will organize all of their daily process of the club information into ...view middle of the document...

Club IT’s website is not user friendly. The website should be organized to be able to sell merchandise and club event ticket. If the website is updated with easy access for the club’s customers, this will increase sales and make their customers happy. Customers look for an easy way to get what they need. To be able to purchase tickets online, will guarantee a repeat customer to shop online again. I suggest hiring an outside web designer to customize a website to suit their needs to increase profit.

Club IT wants to expand. To keep this organization moving forward and ensure that it keeps expanding they need to expand with it in regards to information technology. According to Saffo (2005) “To do that, they must achieve the short term, especially getting data electronic, for that will allow them to innovate and improve in countless directions. Working in their favor is the current state of the world, a "perfect storm" of conditions making this transformation imperative: skyrocketing costs, unprecedented national attention and consumer/employer demands.” What they will want to do for future goals is to set the standards for themselves of where they would like to be in 10 years. Installing a new ERP system, Club IT will need to make sure that they match their needs to their goals. The ERP system will need to grow with them if they decide that they want to also grow. Club IT is a very successful business, but they can succeed even more. Since they are lacking in the information systems department, by implementing a new system will allow them to keep track of their daily operations. This will give them better records now and in the future. Club IT’s main immediate goal is to install this new ERP system and maintain the operation status to run the business. Being able to regulate their sales, inventory and payroll in one system will be the key to operating a smooth running business. This will also allow them to be able to generate any reports or needed statistics about their business to any outside consultants.

When the new ERP system has been installed, all of the employees including Ruben and Lisa will have to be trained. To keep the training costs down to a minimal, we will have Ruben and Lisa take the selected Manager’s training session which is included in the price of the POS/ERP system. The training lasts for about two hours; of which, the people that set up the system will provide to you after the completion of setting the entire system up at the club. It will be then up to Ruben and Lisa to convey what they have learned in that two hour session, back to their employees. I suggest that they take two people from each department and give them the extensive training that they received and then rotate each person throughout the club. Everyone should know how to operate the system within each other’s position. This will decrease the chances of errors or any potentially issues that could arise later,...

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