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Club It Is Doc Essay

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Club IT Part Three
Laido Romero
University of Phoenix Online
In this paper, we will discuss the Club IT; the customers that visit often and how to increase that clientele. We will examine the short and long-term goals and the information systems that can aid Club IT in ways that meet those businesses goals. This includes a development strategy to guarantee that the staff of Club IT receives the training necessary to take every advantage of the new systems they chose. An examination of the telecommunications services, hardware and software that will be necessary to meet Club IT goals. The need to assess the funds available to implement the systems and the training ...view middle of the document...

The long-term goals are to identify e-commerce technology and applications to increase clientele, make the business process more profitable, and open a second Club IT.
An information system at Club IT will provide reliable, available, and secure information to all company data. According to a 2008 survey of 192 business executives from companies around the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit, businesses that have information systems 91% claim that their ability to access critical business information is good or very good, compared to only 58% of those companies that do not have formal information systems operating in their businesses (World software, 2008). The easy access to current business information Club IT will have creates efficiency and that in turn will improve all segments of the business.
By organizing the business information functional systems (FAIS) areas of Club IT and with the integration of a transaction processing system along with other systems such as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and customer relationship management (CRM) systems (Rainer &Turban, 2009). By organizing data, using these systems the Club IT will attain the short-term and long-term goals that they have set.
Professional Development
The next step in the process is to make these systems understandable and functional to the staff at Club IT. I have recommended the agile development method because one of the biggest selling points is the availability of training that is included in most of the software offered. I recommend that Lisa and Ruben be the first to decide who undergoes training and when the training takes place. Bobby Lee is the assistant manager and is responsible for the day-to-day operations; that is a good place to start since he needs to be the most involved when it concerns the new information system. We will begin the process of integrating the new system with a team of consultants provided in the cost of the agile system (Newswire, 2010). The agile process will provide small changes in the system as it develops, in that staff members will absorb the technology relevant to their position at Club IT.
Assessment of Needs
Club IT is currently using a dial-up internet connection. This is slow and tedious; limiting what services are available. The data for ordering, sales, and budget is isolated and there is no consistency in vender accessibility. The methods used to market music and merchandise are incomplete and do not make use of the current technology, including using mobile devices to sell tickets and merchandise. Retail business is excited about expanded mobile shopping with improved interfaces, wider selections, and more secure payment choices (Sharma & Vascellaro, 2007).
We propose the purchase and installation of a platform consisting of a computer based information system that includes hardware, software, databases, procedures, and telecommunication networks that in combination will process...

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