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Club It Part 1 Essay

766 words - 4 pages

Club IT Part 1
July 10, 2010
Joy Fluker

Club IT Part 1
Club IT is a business that originated through the minds of two people who came together and created the idea of opening a nightclub. The nightclub is owned and operated by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada, who are also the creators. Lisa and Ruben’s development of the club consists of focusing its appeal to all customers by featuring live music of various genres to keep the customers entertained and the club thriving.
Keys and Tejada are excited about the opening of the club as well as the type of clientele it will bring in. According to Rainer, Turban (2011), the mission for Club IT is to” offer you live music, DJ's, dance ...view middle of the document...

The staff is geared towards providing the customers with high standards in order to better the clients.
The Assistant manager who is in charge of operations is there to ensure that the services are executed in that manner. Operations also include managing the business stand point, he is able to log in to the system to obtain information pertaining to all staff’s employment, and this is what would be considered as routine reports. The manager is able to view vacation and sick time, wages earned, hours worked, personal information such as home address and phone numbers, email address and where checks are being deposited. The Assistant Manager also receives notification regarding needed information such as the announcement of new employees, employee of the month and so on. The manager also has access to sales for the week, purchasing information, and year-end statement, which is considered the key-indicator report, the financial and accounting processes. In addition to running the club as smoothly as possible, club merchandise is sold to enhance the profits and spread the name of the club to others who have not attended and as a reminder to return for those who...

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