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Club its Rad System
Roxanne Cooper
Victoria Miller

Club its Rad System

Club IT is fast becoming one of the hot spots for night life and music enthusiast. The club for the most part has been using an information system that seems to work for them. There is a need for improvement in certain areas to create a system that will more satisfy the needs of staff, customers and open the doors for e-commerce as Ruben suggests. Implementing Rapid application development system (RAD) the club would be combining joint application design (JAD), computer assisted software engineering tools (CASE), and prototyping to produce a high quality system quickly (Rainer 2009). The ...view middle of the document...

It can improve the process of rewriting legacy applications (Rainer 2009). The Club may be local but music and musicians are all over the world, and the fastest cheapest way to contact suppliers is through the Internet. Some problems that this system will address are the fact that the Club has only one phone line for customers, clients and suppliers to reach owners or found out information. Secondly the clubs has a line of bands and music but no way to purchase tickets in advance. Lastly with the dial up connection the ability of updating the system is very weak. Rapid application methodologies have been around for more than 20 years, and it relies on useful product delivery, reliability, collaboration, technical excellence, simplicity and adaptability (Jain, R., & Chandrasekaran, A. (2009). For this reason Club It should make use of this type of system in its ever changing environment.
RAD staff and customers
Mangers of Club IT Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada need to first develop a team of those who will use the information system to discuss the needs and requirements it will need have to function...

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