Cmgt 410 Week 2 Individual Essay

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Date: June 7, 2015
Subject: Upcoming Two-Day Training Session
To: Zillamatic Staff
From: Management

Zillamatic is extremely excited to provide training for our new, soon to be released, compliance system. This new system use state of the art hardware and software, and because of this, to ease the transition pains, a two day training session will be provided. Please see the attached Microsoft P

Planning this particular training session will take additional time since there will be multiple attendant coming from various parts of the country. The first priority will be to obtain all of the training staffs information. The human resource department will be responsible for providing the project team with this information. Due to the fact that Zillamatic ...view middle of the document...

After the trainers and trainees have been identified, they will be group according to skill level and potential use of the system. Since the project team has limited information on the skills and potential use of the system, the management has been made aware that the project team may be reaching out to them for further assistance should it be required. The rough schedule will then need to be drafted and submitted for final approval from the project team.

All trainers and potential trainees will be sent an email with instructions on how to register. All attendees must be registered no less than (7) days prior to training. This ensures that items such as breakfast, lunch and beverages can be order accurately for the duration of the training. All registration will be captured in a attendance database.

As mentioned above, it would be ideal for the training and accommodations to come from the same location. If this is not possible, transportation will need to be provided to and from the training. Additional time will also need to be schedule with the venue for setup prior to training, and tear down at the conclusion of the event.

Training will begin with sign in at the registration tables. Registration tables should be divided into a minimum of 3 tables, equally split by first letter of attendees last name. Once a person has registered, they will be offered a light breakfast and beverages and then will be asked to make their way to their respective meeting location. Breaks will be provided every 90 minutes with a 1-hour lunch in the middle of training.
At the end of the training class (end of day 2), all attendees will be asked to complete a short survey about the event. The questions will cover the material covered, the training venue, and the hotel accommodations.

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