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Cmm Process Improvement Model For Software Development

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With every project in software development it inevitably becomes necessary to organize the best practices and procedures for developing the software into a process. The eventual quality of the end product, not to mention the correctness with regards to the stated requirements, will depend on the effectiveness of this process. How mature this process is or how well the process provides a framework for development determines the eventual quality of the end product.

In the 1970s when software started to revolutionalize the way we live it became necessary to develop a process improvement model to handle the best practices and procedures that guide the SDLC. This model (CMM) was refined and ...view middle of the document...

5. Optimizing: The process at this level maturity level identifies common causes to variations of the process and provides improvements as a result.

The differences between levels two and three is that processes become understood and characterized. Level three processes are described in standards, tools, methods, and procedures. The process becomes a workable established process. At level three the process descriptions, standards, and procedures model the business process and as a consequence do not change much from project to project; a more stable process.

The difference between levels three and four is level three only qualitatively measures process performance. With level four you quantitatively measure quality and process performance. You then use these measures to improve this process quality and performance.

One way to achieve level three from level two is to
• Document the level two process so as to help establish it as a process.
• Another important aspect when achieving level three from level two is to make the process understood by everyone.
• Thirdly a good project management system will help with both documenting the system, and understanding by others, thereby establishing the process as efficient and workable.

To achieve level four you
• Start quantitatively using measures to increase process performance; measures such as how long iterations take as a result of the...

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