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Co-education goes as far back to the ancient Greeks. The great philosopher Plato said that co-education creates a feeling of respect. He as well as I believe that both male and females should be in the same institution. A separation between these two sexes means that they won’t have the ability to learn about each other to later on work together. By being in co-education environment, both genders influence each other to work harder, learn behavioral issues as well as have mutual respect.
A co-educational environment helps both men and women useful members of society. They become more broad minded and tolerant towards the opposite gender. Both sexes can interact freely without hesitance and ...view middle of the document...

In a coed school like the one I was in, students are forced to learn to cope with the other sex. This is important because in the real world, both sexes are forced to work together, whether it is at work or establishing a family.
Improving behavioral issues are also present while being in a co-ed school. Boys have a tendency to be rough. By being around girls they can learn to act differently, giving them the ability to adjust to different situations. Boys can learn to be more sensitive to a girl’s delicate feelings. While girls, on the other hand, can learn to be more tolerant of the boys rowdy behavior. This al leads to respect between one another, which is highly needed in life.
It’s proven that girls and boys learn differently. This is an opportunity for both sexes to learn how adjust to different kind of people. Girls mature earlier and tend to take things more seriously than boys of the same age. This sometimes might cause them to influence their classmates of the opposite sex to work harder in their studies. Research from The National Foundation for Educational Research, show that single-sex schools that have been found successful could be because of smaller class sizes, stricter admission policy and more of an emphasis in education and not because of the distraction the opposite sex seems to cause.
Life is simply co-ed. So I believe if boys and girls in the same institution, they will prepare the students for the real world. They’ll learn how to act with one as well as influence each other. They can learn to adjust to the opposite sex in able to work together and establish some form of relationship. Which is the in the nature of the human race.

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