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Coal Kills Essay

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Coal Kills

Different things can lead to global warming and most obvious issue would be vehicles causing smog. It's true, smog can kill and is very harmful to the environment. What about coal burning power plants? Coal fired power plants produce hazardous air pollution more than any other pollution source. With over 600 coal burning power plants remain, why are more being built when it is proven that it harmful to our environment as well as people. Perhaps, people should pay more attention to this threat, otherwise, someone close may be a victim.

What exactly is coal mining? What makes it so valuable that it risk lives to obtain it. Reality is, coal produces a much higher amount of energy versus wood. In areas where wood in not obtainable, coal would be the best source to ...view middle of the document...

People of Inez, cannot drink their water due to the contaminants from coal ponds. According to the CDC, the Appalachian region of Kentucky has the Highest Rate of cancer deathersin the US. For these reasons, coal fire power plans must be shut down.

What does the future hold if power plants like this still remain? Do the rich that own these power plants even think of global warming? Is money worth the destruction of our planet? Coal burning contributes to global warming, it is the carbon dioxide that hurts the air we breath. The truth is, poisonous gases are released when coal is burned, what most do not know that the gases are not completely burned which promotes global warming. An article from CNET News says, “The only fossil fuel that can fuel global warming is coal. If you stop coal, you stop global warming.” Imagine the climate reaching a point of damage is irreversible. If our planet continues to be hurt by carbon dioxide that irreversible point can be reach by 2035.

We may continue to talk about global warming, but actions speaks louder than words. Global warming seemed to be the biggest news in the past. Have we forgotten this only to realize we cannot win against the rich corporations? Do we simply not care because we know if global warming reaches it peaked that we will not be around to see it? Our earth deserve to be treated as it has been treating us. We walk on this planet and breath the air it provides. We all owe our earth a little of our time and commitment to making our earth a better and healthier place to live in.


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