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Coca Cola Essay

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The Coca-Cola Company




The Coca-Cola Company: History and Strategy
The Coca-Cola Company is one of the oldest and largest beverage companies in the
world. Its success has primarily been due to its ability to evolve along with consumer demands
and markets. Through its failures and successes, Coke has become one of the most successful
and most recognized brands in the world.
History of Soft Drinks
Relative to the history of the world, soft drinks are relatively new and have become one
of the largest industries in the world. The term “soft drink” refers virtually to any drink that is
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In 2011 Coca-Cola celebrated their 125th anniversary. Pharmacist John Pemberton
created the Coca-Cola syrup and brought it to Jacob’s pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia. William
Venable, the counterman at Jacobs’s pharmacy, added a shot of Pemberton’s syrup to soda water
and Coca-Cola was born. The original drink was sold as a headache remedy and was made in
part from cocoa plant and juice from the kola nut that contained caffeine. During his first year
Pemberton only sold $25 worth of his new drink that left him a deficit of $50 from the $75 is
spent to advertise it; not such a very good start for Coca-Cola.
John Pemberton and his partners were not very successful in business and in 1888 Asa
Candler acquired Coca-Cola and by 1892 made it the main product for his own company and
incorporated the Coca-Cola company as a Georgia corporation with and $11,000 budget for
The Coca-Cola Brand
Because the beverage industry is so important to the United States economy, most nonalcohol-related beverage companies are members of the American Beverage Association. “ABA
provides a neutral forum in which members convene to discuss common issues while
maintaining their tradition of spirited competition in the American marketplace” (The american
beverage association (ABA).2012). Some of the soft drink companies include Dr. Pepper
Snapple Group, Cadbury Schweppes, Hansen Natural Corporation, and many other smaller
companies. The two largest members of the ABA and biggest rivals are the Coca-Cola Company
and Pepsi Company. Coke has always had a larger share of the market over Pepsi; however,
some say Pepsi has smarter and more aggressive campaigns(D'Altorio, 2012).
The brand Coca-Cola is instantly recognize around the world and is sold in more than
200 countries. For over 125 years, their simple headache elixir has grown into over 3500



products under various brand names with the Coca-Cola soft drink still the most popular of all
the products. Their Major brands include Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Bacardi, A&W, Minute
Maid, Dasani, Nestea, PowerAde, Vitamin Water, Simply and Georgia Coffee (The coca-cola
According to the business insider, 3.1% of all beverages consumed around the world are
Coca-Cola product and in 2011 still held a 42.8% market share of all soft drinks beating out their
main competitor Pepsi who only held 31.1%(Bhasin, 2011). Coca-Cola’s $35.1 billion in
revenue makes them the 84th largest economy in the world just behind Costa Rica’s $40
billion(CIA World Fact Book, 2011).
One of the reasons Coca-Cola brand is so recognizable is because in its 126 year history
Coke has never changed its logo and its iconic shaped bottle. According to Joe Tripodi, the chief
marketing and commercial officer for the Coca-Cola Company, even when broken, the bottle can
be recognized as a Coca-Cola brand. Today Coca-Cola uses...

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