Coca Cola: An Introduction And Brief Analyis Of Its Strategic Position

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Coca cola is a most valuable brand, worth a staggering $69.9 billion. It's also arguably the most ubiquitous brand in the world with its products advertised distributed from Cameroon to Cambodia. An iconic brand name that is synonymous with its sector, Coca-Cola has dominated the soft drinks market since its launch nearly 130 years ago, growing to own 300 brands in 200 markets.It's a global institution a corporate myth-maker that has a dedicated section on its website called "Cokelore" which demystifies stories such as how its advertising created the image of modern ...view middle of the document...

Coca-colas experience in that what works well in one country cannot be guaranteed to work well in another.The company have diversified into markets other than carbonated drinks which also another part of their strategy. They have a varied market penetration as it is consumed differently all around the world and must adopt to the needs, age, weather/season of country.Cocacola used different strategies depending of the country and city.* Small bolt-on acquisitions, realizing new products and increasing its presence in restaurants and other food and entertainment venues.* The merger Strategy, for example, with Fosters Group, will provide access to completely new CCA alcoholic beverage market keep CCA at growth.* Acquisition strategy will also help to expand and increase sales.* Cocacola market is nearly 2,400 beverages products in more than 200 countries. And, in each of these countries, the brand is an active member of the business community, working hand in hand with local individuals, merchants and governments to improve health and society.

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