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1. Analyze the CSR strategy adopted by Coca-Cola India.
This case is about Coca-Cola’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in India. It details the activities taken up by Coca-Cola India’s management and employees to contribute to the society and community in which the company operates. Coca-Cola India being one of the largest beverage companies in India, realised that CSR had to be an integral part of its corporate agenda. According to the company, it was aware of the environmental, social, and economic impact caused by a business of its scale and therefore it had decided to implement a wide range of initiatives to improve the quality of life of its customers, the ...view middle of the document...

The Coca-Cola plant has four bore wells that are 100 meters deep, but operates only two wells at a given time. It is not the only water-dependent factory in the industrial park in the Kaladera area. Water demand has grown along with population growth in the region. Higher household incomes and changes in lifestyle increasingly involve water intensive activities. There has been a significant increase in the number of bore wells both for agricultural and industrial purposes.
However, the perception by the local people is that Coca Cola is the the largest user of water and and the biggest contributor in the rapid depletion of underdround water resources.

Notwithstanding the criticisms, the company continued to champion various initiatives such as rainwater harvesting, restoring groundwater resources, going in for sustainable packaging and recycling, and serving the communities where it operated. Coca-Cola planned to become water neutral in India by 2009 as part of its global strategy of achieving water neutrality.
Muhtar Kent states, Chairman and CEO states that "At The Coca-Cola Company, we are transforming the way we think and act about water stewardship. It is in the long-term interest of both our business and the communities where we operate to be good stewards of our most critical shared resource, water." The company claims that water stewardship "is now clearly embedded in both our business strategy and our vision for sustainable business growth."
However,critics claim that a socially responsible company would not have located a water intensive plant in that area, and that the current proclamations about water stewardship are just a public relations strategy in response to social activism -- so called 'greenwash.'
As part of its strategy to address the criticism, Coca Cola commisioned The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) to conduct an independent assessment.
The TERI report recommended that Coca-Cola evaluate its options for the Kaladera plant, "such as:
• Transport water from the nearest aquifer that may not be stressed (could be quite a...

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