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Cochlear Implant Essay

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Cochlear Implant
Australian innovation

By Aaron Smith
Year 11 Dnt

* What is a cochlear implant?
A cochlear implant is a medical device that is placed into the head behins the ear of a deaf person. When it is used with a microphone and speech processor it stimulates the auditory nerve allowing the person to hear.
Many people with hearing loss can use hearing aids to help them hear but people with severe hearing loss or deaf hearing aids don’t work. These people may use the cochlear implant
The cochlear implant replaces the function of the entire ear. It uses a microphone that stimulates the auditory nerve using electricity to allow the brain to perceive sound.
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4. The control panel, with buttons and LCD window is assembled onto the moulded plastic case
5. The closed processor is tested to ensure that the circuit is functioning properly.
6. The small double-sided circuit board of the BTE processor contains a custom integrated circuit, which is protected by a blob of semiconductor coating, and other components. The microphone, potentiometer (an adjustable resistor which is seen as the dial from the outside), and switch, are soldered to the populated board and everything is placed into the case.
7. The RF socket and the battery terminals are connected to the circuit, before the board is coated
8. The closed processor is tested, before the cover and the ear hook are attached.

* Factors that affected the design
The need for this device was that people with hearing loss can use hearing aids to amplify sounds to help them hear. For some people hearing aids do not work to damage or deformities in their auditory nerve so they use the cochlear implant to stimulate that nerve to help them hear again.
Social –
For adults who...

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