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Coffee Shops Believe That Motivation And The Benefits Customers Seek Go Hand In Hand

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What are the purposes of trade unions and what is their importance? A trade union exists, in theory, to provide better working conditions for its members. They do this by using the collective power of all members to sit on a more equal playing field with employers. In this way they can demand higher wages, shorter working days, better working conditions, more on-the-job training, etc. An example of a trade union having an unintended effect is when they set a wage (price of labor) that is above the market value of the labor (a price floor). The result is a reduction in the number of people who are employed and a surplus of labor. Trade unions play an important role and are helpful in effective communication between the workers and the management. They provide the advice and support to ensure that the differences of opinion do not turn into major conflicts. The central function of a trade union is to ...view middle of the document...

Physical make-up: health, physique, 2. Attainments: education, training, 3. Intelligence: Cognitive ability, learning capacity, 4. Special aptitudes: dexterity, mathematical, 5. Interests: intellectual, practical, 6. Disposition: maturity, self-reliance, 7. Circumstances: geographical mobility excluding discriminatory factors such as age, children, marital status etc.
Explain the objectives and approach of job evaluation: 1. To gather data and information relating to job description, job specification and employee specifications, for various jobs in an organization. 2. To compare the duties, responsibilities and demands of a job with that of other jobs. 3. To determine the hierarchy and place of various jobs in an organization. 4. To determine the ranks or grades of various jobs. 5. To ensure fair and equitable wages on the basis of relative worth or value of jobs. 6. To minimize wage discrimination based on sex, age, region, religion etc.
Explain the purpose of job analysis and description: The purpose of the job analysis is to identify the experience, education, training, and other qualifying factors, possessed by candidates who have the potential to be the best performers of the job to be filled. It can also be used to identify documents and other elements vital to the candidate evaluation, referral and selection process, such as measurement methods and interview requirements. The purpose of job description is used to present a standardized description of a particular job. It typically identifies a job title, a brief summary of the assignment, a description of essential job tasks and duties, and all or some of the following elements. It is used in the hiring process to help managers do a better job of searching for and interviewing employee candidates. The job description is important to give to candidates, new employees, and management so that all understand what is expected. It may be used for determining and balancing work assignments within an organization. The information contained is also useful in training, quality and safety programs and in ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. 

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