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Cognitive And Affective Behavior Of Students Towards Anime Chapter 1 (Draft)

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Imagination is one of the conventional ways of students to deal resourcefully with unusual problems especially in day-to-day life experiences and specifically to their studies.
Several manners such as watching a fictional movie is likely triggering their minds to think cognitively prominent. One of the evident matters as of now that elevates the learner’s creativity and imagination is the growing fandom of Anime, an animation from a Japanese literary book Manga. Anime is distributed into different genres such as fiction and non-fiction. It comprises the usual characters; the protagonist and antagonist. Through this, there is a fulfillment that they ...view middle of the document...

Specifically, it answers the following questions below:
1. How does Anime makes great appeal to the imagination of the students which stimulates their thinking ability?
3. How does Anime makes influence on the values system of the students?

This group project research was primarily conducted as compliance to the requirement in our major subject, English Education 5 with the description Afro-Asian Literature, under the instruction of Professor Beverly Miraflor.
This study involved mainly a descriptive method to suffice the answers in the problem. As a small and humble contribution by way of corresponding in the scopes of this study as student teachers, would be parents and especially as youths, this research study that focuses on the potential of Anime in affecting the cognitive and affective behavior of students towards learning was thus conceptualized.
Specifically, it aimed to:
1.) Investigate on the Anime from the trending literary genre of Japan whose large number of viewers is children and adolescents.
2.) Determine the effect employed by Anime to the cognition of students in secondary level.
3.) Analyze the behavioral traits of the students as an effect of Anime in cultural context.

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