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Cold War Essay 2

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During the whole period, rivalry was expressed through propaganda, image distortion, dirt of dangerous weapons, military conditions; competitive in technology e.g. space race and industrial advances. Both USSR and US spent exotically in defense. Despite their allying against the axis powers in the world war two, they fell in sharp differences on the post-war world’s image as they had become the worlds supper powers based on economy, technology and even politics. This conflict divided the world in a bipolar world due to a prompt for countries to align themselves with either of these powers. This rivalry in a suppressed form had greatly spread all over the world within a short time pf start ...view middle of the document...

The cold war resulted into an ultimate strengthening and being of the communist Russian. This gave the US an only state of being the remaining supper power in a world that became unipolar.

All countries would be in recognition of the fact that US has become the overall overseer of these countries in the world. After the collapse of the USSR ,USA has ever since became a sole state that has preeminence in ever power , domain ,iron terms of , economy , military diplomacy ideology , technology and culture in opposition and capability to bring out it’s interests in every part of the world2[ii] .

When this war ended and consequently the Soviet Union’s existence and power diminished, the USSR’s ideology of communism also dropped and it faded away in the countries known to have been sole strong embracers of communism. The failure and drop of communism gave capital ideology a tremendous rice and acceptance in most countries.

The world in a unipolar state under the supremacy of it awards to USA in due process embraces and accepts capitalism. It is noteworthy that the US has benefited from the cold war in that its state no world’s view of it has changed. The USA has changed has gained the position and recognition of being a world’s supper power and in turn brings about respect and a great opportunity to impact the post cold war world in best way possible . Because the USA has become the supper power, many countries look unto her for help and support in terms of technical advice and financial age. This in turn keeps USA on toes in every domain that directly involves decision-making and policy formulation and enactment.

Had the Soviet Union not collapsed there would be division and loss of business parts and cooperates for USA because some of her partners were entirely embracing communism. This would consequently affect the American’s economy in a bigger way than at the moment.

The cold war was in a more clear way was beneficial to the USA than even the USSR which at the end of the span of time collapsed never to rise again. It brought about the numerous advancements to the USA in a wider range of aspects. More technologically, USA rose up to some notches higher than she was initially a bid to be ahead of the other, both USA and USSR manufactured and invented weapons that are more powerful.

The weapons manufactured during this time were powerful and found use by the military in defense. In a bid to advance in weapon to technology, USA adopted more practices that are scientific. This move helped to enhancing the USA’s technology in defense. Involvement of...

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