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Cold War, Vietnam War, Anti-WarI see the cold war as a time that America was very worried about communism and its influences around the world. The U.S. did not want the idea of communism to spread period, and were willing to do just about anything to stop it. Russia and China were to very strong countries that had grasp the idea of communism and the U.S. wanted the very opposite. These two different sides caused great problems, which leads to war, and in the end causes no immediate change for the parties.America's battle for containment will draw us in to a very bloody war called "Vietnam" a small country split in two sides north and south. South against communism, North fighting for communism, America is drawn into this conflict to help push out the communist influence and ...view middle of the document...

President Lyndon B Johnson tried to calm the American public, by saying, the war was nearing an end, but at this time, the Vietcong were planning the "Tet Offensive" a brutal attack on all of Vietnam and the U.S. Embassies. As the American public caught word of this, along with the graphic pictures, after the attack, the mood drastically changed and massive anti-war protest began, adding another obstacle for the U.S. president "LBJ" to maneuver. This was a major blow at this time, because LBJ was up for re-election, and support for the war was very low, this was the final nail in the coffin, the public wanted him out.Many Americans grew angry with the thousands of deaths reported, and began to protest the government's involvement in this type of war. The protest's proved very powerful due to the upcoming election, the public felt LBJ had the all the chances to end the War, but could not follow through. This would not help him in his upcoming campaign at re-election he lost the peoples trust. However, Nixon pledged to end the war and would begin to pull the U.S. forces out of Vietnam, the people wanted an end to war, and were promised it from Nixon. In the end, Nixon got the vote, and as promised, began pulling troops out of Vietnam, but offered the South Vietnamese help at anytime.In the end, the people always get what they want; by protest the public put an end to the war, and were able to leverage it using the upcoming election. It is strange how a republic works, meant to have the people in power, but somehow it does not always feel that way. Sometimes its believed that our voices do not have the volume in today's republic,we have no power to change anything. During the time of the Vietnam War, the peoples voice was the deciding factor to the end of the war, and to who would become the next commander and chief."Power to the people"

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