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Collaboration Essay

663 words - 3 pages

Hunter R. Patton
Health 410
Assignment #1


Poverty is an aspect of life many Americans will never encounter and never truly understand because most U.S. citizens measure poverty in a monetary sense. This is a valuable way to measure a person’s wealth, but it is still only one aspect of poverty. People around the world experience poverty in a variety of ways other than economically. Towns, cities, and countries, around the world deal with poverty on social levels, spiritual levels, health levels, and even in natural resources. One of the biggest ways poverty affects the world is by depriving individuals of one of life’s most necessary natural resources, water. Water is ...view middle of the document...

Individuals are then limited to quantities that they can carry, and afford. Often times it is not enough to cover the combination of everyday household activities such as cooking and cleaning, hygiene needs such as bathing, and health needs such as drinking and sanitation for an entire family.
According to the Global Issues website there are 2.2 billion children in the world and at least 400 million who do not have access to a safe water supply. These children suffer from numerous health problems. Diseases, diarrhea, infection, viruses, and parasites are a small portion of the devastating effects of handling and consuming contaminated water supplies. The limitation of access to clean water is abundant in poverty stricken areas increasing the death rates of these children.
The lack of clean water supplies in these underdeveloped regions has many secondary effects that impact the poverty level of family units and nations as a whole. Many women spend most of their day traveling in search of water and have no...

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