Collaborative Conversation And Worksheet Essay

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Week Three Team Assignment
Collaborative Conversation and Worksheet
July 14, 2014
Georgia Childress

What leadership theories and styles do you see in the videos? Alton
These two videos show team A what it is like to have a leader do what they can to control a given situation and stay focused. The leadership styles we see mainly in the two videos are the assigned leader role in the form of the two mediators, or the heads of each table setting. Team A believes that the trait theory of leadership is in play here as the politics in sociology video shows a leader that is very comfortable, focused, level headed, and seemingly natural guiding everyone. In the planning a playground video the leader also seemed comfortable in ...view middle of the document...

The goal of this meeting was to increase student attendance by eliminating some courses with low attendance. Our team thinks the strategy that would have been helpful in this meeting is if they had a plan in front of them to show the experienced teacher new changes that would have included him and his course so he would not have felt like he was being targeted.
The “Planning a Playground” video strategies were that each team member trying to make the others feel comfortable with their ideas and thoughts. Our team feels that this meeting was on target, with the the fundraiser being main goal.
Discuss constructive and destructive conflict. How do they differ? What did you see with relation to these concepts in the videos? Brandi
How would you increase cohesion for these teams? Latees
After watching the Politics of Sociology video; Cohesion could be factored into this team meeting (in my opinion) by allowing each individual speaking to have the floor per se, emotions must be removed and the goal is the base line. There is no way to achieve this if all opinions or suggestions that are placed on the table are not respected. Roles and Titles should not come into play at all; the team meeting should be solely based on suggestion, not about the title of the person making them. And the other team meeting regarding the playground seemed to be pretty clear and concise. There was no bickering back and forth, everyone had a nice friendly tone which created a comfortable climate, and all suggestions and opinions were respected.

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