Collective Bargaining In The Public Sector: How It Shapes The World Around It

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Collective Bargaining has a feeling that lends a person to believe that it is for the people and at one point it was true and may even have a place within a private sector setting but not within the public sector. When a person looks at private unions you can see a general difference in the structure from that of Private-Sector unions. Even AFL-CIO President George Meany and even President Franklin D. Roosevelt who were labor union advocates saw that the unionization of the public sector as being unthinkable. From an economic standpoint all unions would have too much power and engage in trying to monopolize the supply of labor in each industry in order to increase the price of work. (IE. ...view middle of the document...

He went on to write that public utilities such as the power companies are private entities and if the word public were used consistently, Catholic and other private schools would actually be referred to as “Public” because everyone recognizes that churches are “pubic” [Open to the public] institutions.
So called “Public schools” are in fact governmental entities and the fact that the Government itself calls them “Public” confuses.
This idea is backed by a ban on homemade lunches at Little village Academy, a public school in Chicago in which students are no longer allowed to bring homemade lunches to school, unless they have a documented food allergy, the cost rests at $2.25 for eating daily at the cafeteria according to a report by the Chicago Tribune.
As a further example there is trouble within the unions itself as according to a case of Abood vs. the Detroit board of education.
Christine Warczak and a number of other named teachers filed a class action in a state court, naming as defendants the Board, the Union, and several Union officials. Their complaint, as amended, alleged that they were unwilling or had refused to pay dues and that they opposed collective bargaining in the public sector. The amended complaint further alleged that the Union "carries on various social activities for the benefit of its members which are not available to non-members as a matter of right," and that the Union is engaged "in a number and variety of activities and programs which are economic, political, professional, scientific and religious in nature of which Plaintiffs do not approve, and in which they will have no voice, and which are not and will not be collective bargaining activities [IE.] the negotiation and administration of contracts with Defendant Board, and that a substantial part of the sums required to be paid under said Agency Shop Clause are used and will continue to be used for the support of such activities and programs, and not solely for the purpose of defraying the cost of Defendant Federation of its activities as bargaining agent for teachers employed by Defendant Board."
This is one of many cases against unions that continue with the same complaints.
The supporters of government pension benefit increases often and systematically argue that public employees are underpaid compared to those in the private sector so retirement benefits must be adjusted to compensate.
However in a survey done by the city of New York’s Department of human resources to benchmark compensation disclose that in nearly all job classifications, the city pays more in wages and salaries than any other governmental agencies and more than most private sector employers.
Nationwide, according to BLS data for 2009, both state and local government employees were paid an average wage of $26.01 per hour, this was 34 percent higher than the average private sector wage of $19. 39 per hour.
Even more uneven was the public sector advantage in fringe benefits such as...

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