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Dear Mr. Stearn, For as long as I can remember I have loved to draw anything and everything I have laid my eyes on. This love for art inspired my more specific love for design. Everything you see is design. Company logos, web sites, letterheads, anything from the layout of the McDonalds headquarters down to the coloring on a happy meal box are design. I'd love to be a part of that industry because there are endless possibilities of the things you can make with no restriction on creativity. I take a graphic design class at Saline High School through the south and west Washtenaw consortium and it is by far my favorite class because it is a place where I just have to be good at being myself to succeed. That is why I want graphic design or graphic communications to be the foundation of my future. During that class once a teacher from Ferris State University came and spoke to us about their program which is one of the leading programs in the nation. Ferris ...view middle of the document...

Woodbridge N. Ferris (WNF) Scholarships are automatically awarded to incoming freshmen based on a combination of the student's high school GPA and either the ACT Composite score or the SAT combined reading and math score. The free Ferris State University admissions application (due 30 days before the start of the semester) also serves as the application for these scholarships. Students will be awarded the highest value scholarship for which they are eligible. Another college that interests me is Appalachian State University. They have a great graphic design program and unlike Ferris State University, they have a wrestling team. I do not plan on wrestling in college but I'm good at it and if I am given a scholarship, I will be happy to do it. I would much rather not deal with wrestling in college though because it is such a demanding sport. It will definitely take away from my time that could be designated to my academic pursuits. In one of their scholarships the recipients are awarded: $1000 for one academic year. It is for entering freshman or entering transfer art majors (all degree programs) 3.25 High School GPA, or in the upper 25% of their graduating class, 1100 SAT (minimum combined score) and/or demonstrate exceptional talent in the discipline of art, follow the online University Scholarship Application procedure, and completed scholarship application for entering freshman and new transfer students (due march 14, 2014) for the summer term. I am also considering Northern Michigan University. They have four available Art & Design High School Scholarships for $1000 each. The requirements are: Recipient must currently be a high school senior ,must have a GPA of 2.5 or ACT composite score of 19, Application Materials Required (materials will not be returned), a teacher recommendation, a high school transcript, and a student portfolio of 6-10 images in a digital format - NO SLIDES, due Thursday April 3rd, 2014. All of these colleges meet my needs because I'm not very picky in where I'm going, only with what I'm doing and these colleges all have what I'm looking for- a graphic design or graphic communications bachelors degree.

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